Vintage Pond Yacht Fittings Set Model Boat Braine Gear

You are invited to bid on this complete set of vintage modelyacht deck fittings. These fittings aresimilar to A.J. Fisher, but appear to be hand made in solid brass. The fittings include the following:

Braine self-steering quadrant with sheet hooks, adjustable tiller centering rig consisting of stern roller, cord clip, hook for elastic cord and elastic cord, main and jib sheet horses (travelers), jib rack, adjustable mast step (for ½ inch mast), port and starboard deck chain plates - suitable for turnbuckles or hooks and bowsers. Mast step is 3 ¼ inches long, Braine quadrant is approximately 3" X 3", sheet horses are 3" and 3 ¼" long.

All parts are made of solid heavy brass and are slightly tarnished but will easily polish to a jewelry-like finish if that is your preference. Some mounting screws are included. These items were the property of a prolific model yacht builder in the Boston area - I have one of his boats with a similar set of mounted fittings. A note that came with these model pond boat fittings indicates that they are for a "Marconi sloop with Braine and sliding rig - 30 to 50 inches" in length. Fittings such as these are difficult to find.

Please email questions before you bid and read my feedback. I reserve the right to refuse bids from those with limited or negative feedback. Do not fall
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