Vintage Ponytail Barbie 4 With Stand And Base

This is a vintage Ponytail 4 Barbie with her swimsuit, stand, sunglasses, and shoes.

Head: hair still has the original style, rubber band is really crumbly, some wisps of hair out of the hairstyle, lots of poodle curls still in her hair, has green ear where she once had earrings, no neck splits, some darkness/shadow between her eyebrows to her eyes, dusty face, nice face paint, no nose nips, no neck splits

Body: legs are darker than rest of body, lots of polish still left on nails, toenail polish has a lot there too, torso is a little sticky, arms and legs are not sticky, has some spots/light scratching on back, no chew marks, no missing fingers or toes, no swingy limbs, legs have a few pin-sized spots that are barely noticeable, left leg is longer than the right

Shoes: right is marked Japan

Sunglasses: slightly off-white, right arm is slightly looser

Stand and base: base has scratches on front and back

Swimsuit: no issues

Please pay within 5 days. !

Update: This doll has the solid torso. She has the slight rubber feel and I did the fingernail test.