Vintage Porcelain Red Kitchen Table/ 2 Chairs - 1940s

My mother is downsizing and moving out of her huge home soon. She bought this table when she first got married and has had this table for over 50 years. She still feels that the porcelain top is the ONLY WAY to make good pastries and crusts. This table is 31 inches high, 25 inches wide when the sides are not extended, 45 inches wide when both sides are up (10 inches each), and 40 inches long. The 2 red chairs were purchased at that sime time and stated that they did not anticipate needing more than 2 chairs as their Chicago flat was tiny and they did not plan on having children right away. The table and chairs' metal does show age wear but with rustoleum and some elbow grease, will shine up beautifully. The porcelain top is in very good shape with just a tiny scrape w the leaves pull out at. The table has a side drawer for silverware; however, the wood needs to be braced if you intend to store any heavy silverware in it. The drawer slides out nicely. The two sides come out with some effort, and I was afraid to WD40 it for fear it would fly out then.

The top is porcelain, the sides are wood, and the legs are metal. The legs are tubular and do have some age wear but with rustoleum, will shine up beautifully.

This unit is located in Hillside Illinois (20 minutes outside of Chicago) and is for pick up only. We will
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