Vintage Porcelier western horse ceiling light fixture

Hello! Up for auction is this AWESOME vintage ceiling light fixture. On the back of both bulb sockets is imprinted "porcelier 660W250V". The base measures approx: 7" H x 6.5" W. It has 2 mounting holes. Has the old braided cord electrical wiring. I guess the previous owner decided to paint their ceiling but not protect the fixture b/c t are various white paint drop marks on the fixture and the glass shade. I'm sure they could be easily removed but I'll leave that up to the buyer. On the base t are no chips or repairs. T is a hair line "crack" that runs vertical on the top rim; t is no seperation at all and it is VERY Very minor. I report it b/c I try to be very detailed in my descriptions. It is too small for me to get a picture of w/ my digital camera. It doesn't affect the structural soundness of the piece at all.

The glass cover measures approx 14" x 14." I do not have the little screw on piece to connect the base with the glass but I'm sure with some searching one could be found easily. One one corner of the class t is a chip on the outside that's approx 0.5cm x 0.5cm. And around the hole in the center on the outside part of the glass has been chipped, approx 1cm x 1cm. Both are small and not really noticeable. Again, t's no way my camera could get that close up of a shot. T are other minor scratches in the glass but
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