Vintage Portable "Emerson Model 559A" Retro Tube Radio (1947) - FULLY RESTORED

Recently I totally restored and recapped this vintage All American 5 portable Emerson Model 559A tube radio manufactured in 1947 by Emerson Radio and Phonograph Corp.; New York, NY. This radio is both designed with a power cord and retains its 67.5 Volt battery connectors, but antique batteries are no longer made of this type. Its power sounding radio in a brown alligator style plastic body made to look like leather. The broadcast reception sensitivity and sound production are outstanding after the restoration. The body and back close-out panel were cleaned with detail and polished outside and inside to a nice shine along with the knobs. The leather handle is original and I conditioned it with mink oil. The brass clasps were cleaned polished. There are surface marks and scratches (left side) as expected for its age, but after the polishing the marks blend in well. Overall, this vintage Emerson portable radio has a very cool look and was built with high quality and restored like new.

The Emerson Model 559A radio is a Super-Heterodyne AM broadcast design with 5 tested and replaced (as needed) vacuum tubes 1R5, 1T4, 1S5, 3Q4, 117Z3 . Permanent Magnet 4" speaker. Brown alligator leather style plastic body. Loop antenna wired to the hinged back panel. All the electrolytic filter and paper capacitors were replaced and resistors measured
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