Vintage Portable Scientific Precision Balance Scale Seederer-Kohlbusch SEKO USA

Up for bid is a vintage portable scientific precision balance scale by Seederer-Kohlbusch (SEKO), Englewood, NJ, USA. There are stamps on the case stating "3M 2466" (presumably a model number) and "Made in U.S.A.". There is also a label in front stating that the scale is distributed and serviced by Fisher Scientific.
This is a portable scale attached to a black base. It was intended for scientific purposes or for pharmaceutical or apothacary uses. There's a metal top with plexiglass / plastic inserts, a black leather handle and two brass latch closures. The scale arms are a single separate piece made of brass that balance on top of the center post. There are a full set of weights from 100 milligrams to 50 grams and a pair of tweezers which is housed in a red plastic box that fits neatly into the scale base. The round lid that covers the well containing the milligram weights says "Ohaus Scale Corporation, Union, NJ, USA". The only problem with this neat scale is that unfortunately the actual scales - one for each arm + used to weigh items - are missing. I imagine they can be replaced from somewhere - either from a collector, an antiques dealer, a scientific supply house or even here on eBay .
The unit is in gently used condition and in good working order. The plexiglass windows on the top have some scuff marks and there are
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