Vintage Post WWII Japanese / Okinawa Souvenir Tapestry

This is a Rare Post WWII Souvenir Tapestry from Okinawa / Japan. The item is a black velvet like material, with colorful glittery printing. It measures 44” wide x 36” tall. The central image is of a Japanese Temple, but there are other images of; 2 Floating Dragons; Geisha or Native Girls; local Flowers; & the outline of the Island, with major Cities noted. The word “Okinawa” appears along the top edge. It has a silk backing that is badly stained & faded in parts. The front is in very good condition, except for damage in the 4 corners where it was torn from its once thumbtack mounting on a wall. The 2 bottom holes are not so bad, but there is bad damage to the 2 upper corners. If you still love it like I do, it would be worth it to re-back it and sew up the corners somehow. Please see the Ebay Shipping Calculator to determine the shipping cost to your area.