Vintage Postage Stamp Quilt ?

Vintage Postage Stamp Quilt hand made still has bright colors that include yellows, greens, peach,blues on a white background . I can remeber watching my mother making these quilts in the early 40,s she would teach us how to hold the needle to quilt and when all of us girls were older we would look at the quilt and pick out the pieces that had at one time made up one of our old dresses. Nothing every was wasted in those days. I take money orders and checks no paypal I was informed by fellow ebayer that squres were to large for this to be postage stamp quilt so if any one out t knows what this would be called please let me know. Was infomed this is Trip around the World squires sizes are 2 1/4 " well made quilt . Thank you julie This is a regular full size quilt you can by pictures how far it comes down on sides of bed.