Vintage Postcard RPPC Klan Farm New Philadelphia OHIO Klan 41 (*2706

Vintage Postcard Klan Farm New Philadelphia OHIO Klan 41 (*2706I would grade the items in this auction as: very good Postcard Grading Guide Below: Please understand I am not a expert, I am simply usingthe guide belowfor describing the condition of the postcard.

Mint(M): A perfect card just as it comes from the printing press. No marks, bends, or creases. No writing or postmarks. A clean and fresh card with sharp corners. Older postcards are rarely seen in this condition.

Excellent (EX): Card has no obvious defects. No bends or creases. Corners can have slight bumps, but are not blunt or rounded. Card looks clean and fresh, with no soil or marks on the picture side. May be postally used or unused.

Very Good (VG): Card has minor defects that do not detract from its overall appearance. Corners may be slightly blunt. May have almost undetectable crease or bend. May be postally used or unused. Most collectible cards are in this condition.

Good (G): Damage is more noticeable. Corners may be more rounded. Card may have minor bends or creases. Neat writing on the picture side of undivided back postcards or a small handwritten signature on the picture side may be acceptable to some collectors.

Fair (F): Excess soil, stains, creases, writing, or cancellation marks that detract from appearance. Cards in this condition
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