Vintage Pre War 1930s Waddington's Double Lexicon Card Game.2 Complete Decks etc


The game of skill excitement and intrest

Originally created by David Whitelaw in 1933 'Lexicon' was launched, in a tuck box, at 1/9d per pack. Initial sales were nil, and so the game was repackaged in the form of an expensive looking book and slip case which sent the cost up to 2/6d but sales boomed, up to 1000 packs per week, becoming the firm's most successful card game.

This is the repackaged game.

52 cards in both decks including the Master card plus two Lexicon cards bearing the Reg no 529991 and two hostess information cards.

The original rule book, copy right dated October 16th 1933. Also the New Games book.

This New Games book has new games to be played with Lexicon cards, it is a 1st edition enterd at Stationer's Hall February 8th 1935.

It is also a ( Friday afternoon copy ) A production malfuntion. Pagination in the book is all mixed up, duplicated or missing. Proof that not everthing was better in the old days.

Both packs of cards are in very good clean crisp uncreased condition, there is little signs of much use. Staples are rusty in the rule book and more so in the New Games book where one page is very loose.

The outer book box has been taped up and it has lost one end and its gold lettering has faded but after nearly 80 years I'd expect to have
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