Vintage Prewar American Flyer Steam Locomotive #545 Oga

All right Train guys. I have here an American Flyer Pre War Steam Locomotive. I tried to document the condition with my photos. You will know more than I do. I had no way to test this adequately so I do not know if the engine works well or not. I have a small lionel transformer for HO and I jumped a wire to the center spring and another to the body and the light came on and the motor tried to turn over. I realize that this operates on AC 18 volt and I don't know any one that has that, but there was some signs of life. You can see one wheel on the front trolley is broken so be aware of that. Please ask any questions or share information if you like. Part on the fun of doing this is how much you learn. You can see that I disassembled this and cleaned it up. Have fun looking and bidding. Kevin I just got back from a friend who had a nice battery charger and we attached a wire to the center contacts and one to the chassis and the motor runs !!!! Pretty amazing when you realize this is close to 100 years old.