Nice Vintage Prismatic Instruments H-58 Faceting Machine with Extras

Beautiful vintage Prismatic Instruments H-58 faceting machine. Made in the USA. Very well build, "solid" feeling machine. I don't facet but I acquired this machine as part of an estate.
Comes with everything in the pictures including:
Dop set and transfer block Multiple allan/hex keys to adjust the machine Spare rubber bushing for the drive motor Spare shear pins Couple wrenches Piece of facet rough (not sure if it is glass or quartz) Crystalite Lap with some good life lest (assuming about 320) This machine was mounted to an antique table and can easily be mounted to your work bench or area. Prismatic Instruments was a predecessor to Poly Metric Inc and some parts are still available. The unit appears very practically and well built. Comes with a 96 index gear and there doesn't appear to be any damage other than a separating seam on the splash guard (which can easily be repaired or custom replaced), a replaced power cord (looks like a longer one was added after manufacture) and a couple holes in the deck that the owner would keep the allan keys in to avoid loss. The deceased owner was meticulous and is now deceased. There is some fine sawdust what needs to be cleaned. Also some minor surface corrosion on the post that could easily be removed.
The unit turns on and appears to function smooth with no wobble. There is a
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