Vintage Project One Mark IC Receiver - Technics

For sale is a nice set Project One Receiver. Project One was the house brand of a 1970's / 1980's audio store chain which means it was made by a well known company but the retailer put their name on it. Concept and Project One were house brands of Playback and Pacific stereo, I can't rememebr which is which. This was likely made by Technics as it has many similarities to some vintage Technics receivers with respect to general layout, cabinet design, internal components, and so on.

Not sure of the power of this as it is a pretty rare unit and documentation is hard to find. I am guessing it's about 30 watts per channel. I date this as about 1977 or 1978. This unit still uses individual / Discrete output tansistors. This unit has 4 of them, 2 per channel. Around 1980 many manufactures started using darlington power output units (Lower cost, not as good) which are not the same as discrete output transistors. I am collector of vintage 1970's and 1980's audio equipment and need to make some room. My wife is getting on my case about too much stuff.


VERY NICE! No damage evident. No gouges or scratches to the wood case. No damage to the faceplate. All the lettering is t, the knobs have no damage, the glass on the face has no damage or scratches. Definitly a 9.5 out of 10. Only new would be 10 of 10.

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