Vintage Pulp Girly Novels 1960's-Super Campy Covers

Back again with more campy trashy stuff.
You are bidding on FOUR vintage pulp fiction adult/girly books from the early to mid 1960's.
These titles pretty much speak for themselves.
(OMG, if I ever thought I'd be peddling vintage smut on eBay...)
That said, these are mint, never read. The date range for this lot is 1960 to 1967.
These 4 are just so classic for the time period.
"White trash" ladies from the swamps of the South to the canyons of Manhattan, plus sinning beatniks and
just check out the guy with the binoculars behind the rock at the beach! Priceless.
The scanner cut off the image of the bottom of the lower two books in the picture.
I've had them sealed in a plastic tub with charcoal so the musty smell is 99% gone.
T is the usual yellowing of the pages but the covers are just about perfect.
Great covers with dubious literary content.
A few of you collectors out t have asked if I will "mix and match" the titles in these various listings. I really can't.
It would be too confusing. But I've tried to group the titles as best I can with some sort of overall theme.
THIS IS THE LAST OF THIS GROUP I HAVE FOR SALE. (New groups/lots of 4 coming soon for bid.)