Vintage oil rain lamp from the 1970's. This lamp is about 28" tall and 10" in diameter so it is not too big or too small and will hang in a lot of nice locations. Made by Johnson Industries with metal construction and has a decorative bronze finish. All the rain lines are intact. This has been in storage for some time so it will need some cleaning. It worked when we took it down years ago. The light works and I took the bottom cover off and confirmed that the pump also works. I was not able to try it with oil because I do not have any. You can still get the oil for these lamps on eBay or from retail stores. My youngest daughter calls this the naked lady light and you can see her butt! When you turn this on, tiny drips of the oil slowly glide down the guide lines giving the appearance of rain. Cord has an on/off switch. I remember when my Grandmother first put this in. Her friends would come over for coffee and look at it with amazement. I'm sure it will start up conversations when people see it. It reminds me of that Christmas movie w the man of the house wins a lamp that looks like a ladies leg and he proudly displays it at the front window w the whole neighborhood can see it. Well, I'm sure a lot of husbands had a surprised look when the wife brought this home and made them install it. This is classic 70's and would look great
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