Vintage Ral Partha Firbolg 11-419 D&D Mini

Vintage Ral Partha

AD&D Monsters


One of the original miniatures from the AD&D Monsters line, 11-419.

This firbolg is a tall giant-like creature and attributes his origins to the mythology of ancient Ireland. He has a huge barrelled chest and appears to have little to no neck. He is clothed all in furs and wears his hair long with a full beard. His sword is massive and is taller that he. The firbolg is about 50mm tall or at least 12 feet.

He has been cleaned, primed, and ready to paint.

Stamped date on the bottom, 1989.

Ral Partha was the first company to produce quality 25mm fantasy figures. The Fantasy Collectors Series was intended for fantasy armies as well as Dungeon and Dragons role-playing characters.

Not intended for children.

From a smoke-free home.

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