Vintage razor Wm. Elliot & Co New York NOS in box, mint

Very rare straight razor, produced in Solingen for Adolph Strauss & Co.

The trademark of this cutlery dealer was Wm. Elliot & Co. New York City.

Absolutly unused, mint condition in box.

Nice etching on the blade.

Allready been honed. Shave-ready.

tangmarking front: Wm. Elliot & Co, made in Germany.

tangmarking back: Reg US PAT. OFF., eingetragenes Warenzeichen.

material of the blade: carbone-steel.

size of the blade: 4/8

Shipping: Registered airmail letter = 10.00 USD. No paypal tax for the buyer !!!

Versand natürlich auch in Deutschland (3,05 EUR) und Europa (4,50 EUR) als Einschreiben.