Vintage RCA 15" Alnico Speaker Woofer, Great Condition

RCA 15 inch Alnico speakers/woofers in superb cosmetic and working condition. They measure at around 3.9/4.0 ohm. Great speakers for open baffle and enclosure projects.
On the frame, there are the following markings: G 962535-1 274035
A friend mine who owns RCA SL-12 told me that my 15 inchers share many of the same designs as his legendary speakers: Both seem to use the same kind of magnets(by looking at the shape/size of the magnets once the shielding cup on the back of SL-12 is taken out); both utilize shallow frames so that the cone has much wider dispersion. I have not checked out his SL-12s, so I can't really verify what he said. All I know is that these speakers sound great when used as woofers (up to midrange).
I also have a Magnavox 15" speaker, a Magnavox tube amp, and a pair of Ampex speakers for sale right now
I will only ship to the US. Alaska and Hawaii bidder please add $5 extra for shipping.

"They measure at around 3.9/4.0 ohm." -- To clarify, this was done with my digital multimeter.

I may ship to a selected number of countries (Japan, Taiwan, Canada, etc). But you have to contact me first to get an accurate quote on shipping. The quoted domestic flat rate of $19 obviously wouldn't do.