Vintage Realistic STA-111 Receiver ** Minimus 7 Fans!**

This vintage (1982) stereo receiver is a STA-111, also known as "System Eleven".

This Receiver has a very cool feature for the Minimus 7 speakers.On the rear of the unit is a "system Switch". If you have this connected to a pair of Minimus 7 speakers, turn this switch to "on" and it tailors the audio output specifically for those speakers. You leave it to off for any other speakers and the output is normal. I have it hooked up to Minimus 7's and with the switch "on" it really does sound great. It really does tailor the output for the 7's response curve.

I have driven many pairs of speakers with this unit and it sounds great (as long as you leave the "System Switch" to off for full sized speakers. It gets BOOMY if you don't)

This unit works great. All inputs/functions work as they should.

I had 2 of these. I auctioned the first one (check my feedback) and this is the second one.

The blurb from the Radio Shack site says:

30 watts per channel (minimuum RMS power, both channels driven) Audio Output Power at no more than 0.02% Total Harmonic Distortion into 8 Ohms, over the audio spectrum,
20 - 20,000 Hz

Check out the web for some pretty cool reviews of this model.

The tuner section has an LED display, as well as 6 preset memory
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