vintage record promoting the 1965 Pontiac GTO (GeeTO TIGER!) Swung by the Tigers

This is a record promoting the 1965 GTO, it was given away by the pontiac dealers. The title is GeeTO TIGER! A musical tribute to America's most popular performance car...the GTO. It said what does GTO really mean? Briefly, GTO stands for Gran Turismo Omologato-or Homologated Grand Touring. That's a mouthful in any language, but it means that any car bearing this name must have certain combinations of features and be an able performing , high-speed road car. In addition, at least 100 of these cars must be produced. Then-and only then-will the car be recognized as a legal and true GTO by the FIA [Federation Internationale Automobile] a world govering body of motor sports events. To meet the rugged specifications for a GTO, Pontiac mated its torrid 389-cubic inch engine with a Tempest-sized body that features special suspension, braking and drive line.The result? America's most popular performance car ...the GTO by the Wide-Track Tigermakers[who else]. Swing out with the Tigers! The newest swinging teen sensation. Barry Hockenberger, organ-Neal Moser,-lead guitar-Jerry Cervenka, -drums-Enzo Piazza,-bass guitar-John Anderson, rhythm guitar. Pressed by Colpix a division of columbia picture corporation NEW YORK N.Y. Side 1=GeeTO TIGER-THE TIGERS. Side 2=BIG SOUNDS OF THE GeeTO TIGER at the GM proving grounds.=Inside the experimental Garage= ... read more