Vintage Red Enamel Teapot w/ Floral , Small, Enamelware

This is one of several Teapots from a large collection. This vintage, red enamelware Teapot is 4 3/4" tall and has a riveted cover. This teapot has floral design emameled on it. These small teapots have been known as single serving teapots or 1 1/2 serving. This item is in excellent condition inside and out. T is a minimal amount of roughness around spout and inside cover, also as you can see in the picture t is a small nick on the outside of cover. Otherwise, the teapot is clean and in great shape. The bottom of teapot is marked Germany inside doughnut circle. If it is teapots you are looking for mark my site a favorite, as I will be selling pieces of this collection each week until all is sold. Thank You