Vintage Red Hacker Herald RP35 Portable Transistor Radio

Vintage Red Hacker Herald RP35 Portable Transistor Radio

Hacker Herald RP35

2 Waveband Portable Transistor Radio

11.5" x 9" x 4.5"

The RP35 Herald is a 10 transistor and one crystal diode Long and Medium waveband receiver from the early 1970's

The whole radio is in very good condition and it is in full working order on bot wavebands with scratch free controls and selector buttons .

It has the usual Hacker 1.5 watt audio module which gives excellent sound quality from the large eliptical loudspeaker aided by separate bass and treble controls. Normal reception is from a 10" internal ferrite rod aerial and there is a socket for an external or car aerial. There is also an output socket for tape recorder etc.

The radio is housed in a very strong wooden cabinet covered in red leathercloth.

It has a strong metal carry handle and stands on a ball bearing turntable base.

It requires two 9Volt PP9 batteries (not supplied)