Vintage Red Rhinestone Unique Tiger Cat NEcklace CAT RESCUE

This is a very unique vintage tiger necklace. The tiger has sparkling tiny red rhinestone eyes. The pendant is about 2.75 inches tall. The necklace is 30 inches long. It is in wonderful pre owned condition. Please keep reading to find out how your bid will help homeless pets.....

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Whiskers Rescue Inc.

All the proceeds will go to Whiskers Rescue Inc. to help care for and neuter stray cats. We have neutered over 3000 stray cats to date but we desperately need your help to stop the pet over population problem. Below is Van Gogh. Van Gogh has lived a hard and twisted life so far. He was once a pet until his owner dumped him on the streets. Then he was trapped and neutered but once again was released. Sadly Van Gogh showed no signs of his true nature and was assumed to be feral. One more time Van Gogh was trapped and taken to a local kill shelter. The nice lady there was going to be forced to put him to sleep but just in time she noticed his ear tip! She called us and asked if we would like to pick him up. We ran over to get him. With in 2 days Van Gogh made the most important decision of his life. He decided to trust humans again. Not just trust us but roll around demanding belly rubs!!! Thankfully his long journey
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