Vintage Redline Hot Wheels 1971 Bye Focal

Up for grabs is a very cool 1971 magenta 'Bye Focal' in Near Mint or better condition. You make the call by the pics provided. As you probably know, this is one of the most wanted cars to collect, and one of my personal favorites. I will be looking to sell some of my more collectible hotwheels over the next couple of weeks to pay bills. You wont find a nicer one, and I really hate to let it go. It may have a few flea bites but when you hold it in different directions they do not look to be. super nice decals, perfect glass, overall a stunning Redline. The twin scooped Blue hood opens as it should, and stays up for display. The engine still looks shiney, the wheels and redlines are near perfect, the car rolls very smooth like it should. The base is nice, and not a crumbler. It displays great and will look awesome in any collection. Don't miss out. I will try to get this shipped out to you asap but with knee problems it is hard to get to the post office some days. It will be sent by priority mail and with delivery confirmation.That way we all know where it is. I will only sell and ship in the USA. Thanks much folks and enjoy. Rob