Vintage Redline Hot Wheels - Original Owner - 1968 Hot Heap

I am selling my original collection of hot wheels which I bought and collected when I was growing up in the late 60's and early 70's. My collection was never played with as we played with my brother's cars instead of mine. My upcoming listings comprise my entire collection of some 60+ cars, cases, track and 2 original powerhouses. All my cars are in MINT CONDITION w/ only some minor paint pops and light discoloration of paint from age. I have all the original Badges for each car and they are in Perfect condition. In addition, I have all of the "Sweet 16 " cars going up for sale so pay attention...Cars this good are VERY RARE to find out of their original packaging. My "Sweet 16" Hot Heap is Olive in color and MINT. Windshield perfect. Very slight toning on running boards.