1950s Relax-A-cizor

Quack Science!

This auction features a 1950s Relax-Acizor model number 5. It was advertised as a machine that promoted weight loss and exclaimed that effortless exercise would firm lax muscles while you rest!! It also promised that sore muscles could be soothed by surges of electricity. After all, nothing says "relaxation" like high voltage. We turned the machine on and it does work. It comes complete with all of the pads, original tape measure, instruction manual, service request card, and a national membership card for the Relax-A-Cizor Charm Club.

More than 400,000 Relaxacizors were sold before the FDA stepped in and banned the device.

WARNING : Machine was banned for a reason- please use at your own risk- we can not be held responsible for any injury or death which may occur from use of this product.

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Please examine photos and feel free to email me with any questions, concerns or clarifications before auction ends.

All items come from a smoke-free, pet-free home.

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