You are bidding on a Vintage 6" RELIGIOUS CATHOLIC NUN SLEEPER DOLL HARD PLASTIC Doll w/Crucifix! Preowned Vintage but in Good Condition ! This is great for beginners or the collector! Has a variety of uses-Nun Doll for $24.99-Plus Low shipping-What a deal!These sell for up to much more! These are great for anyone who collects these figures or dolls!

-a great deal! Well made - sells for much more!

Slightly over 6 inch Doll came in my vintage lot from the late 40's/50's to 70's, comes with a plastic white rosary crucifix that is attached to white rope string belt, plastic vinyl white neckline, head is white under the black nun veil, dress that adds another inch to the height, sorry no info on this doll but very hard to find!!unsure of manufacturer but I received a lot of 25 dolls all vintage) hard plastic body but head, legs & arms are attached with elastic string/rubber bands, rubber band around veil as well- I am unsure why? Doll is very delicate, hands are curled position making them appear 1/2 way there??legs do not bend & have black painted on shoes as well as white painted on socks, sleeper doll-eyes open when standing, close when laying down , typical Catholic nun attire is worn, clothes look excellent-typical nuns attire complete with the head dress covering set, doll is in good shape, painted on
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