Vintage Remington R1240 Daddy Barlow Pocket Knife! MIB

Offered for your consideration is a gorgeous vintage Remington R 1240 daddy barlow pocketknife. This knife was part of the series of Remingtons that was re-introduced in the 1980's and made by Camillus. It comes from their "Musket Knife Series" and the reverse of the tang was stamped "Musket-1". This would imply that it was the first knife in the series, however, I've never seen any subsequent knives from this series and I believe this was the one and only model. Camillus was one of the great American knife companies and an important part of American knife history for well over a century. The company's roots dated to the mid 1870's and their history extended to 2007, when they closed due to bankruptcy. Over the course of its history Camillus not only produced its own varied lines of cutlery, but also made knives on a contract basis for countless other entities. Everything from store brands, special productions, and knives for other cutlery firms, to many different knives for the U.S. military.

The knife has not been used, carried, or sharpened and remains in perfect condition. The knife remains in its original box with its original plastic bag. It has not been cleaned or buffed and remains original. This was a fairly pricey knife for the day and the original price tag of $62.95 remains on the box lid.

This is a large,
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