vintage rhinestone jewelry GIVRE STONES! MADELEINE !

Another auction of original MADELEINE! all these lots are coming from a find in an old barn durning renovations. the back room contained a huge number of old carboard barrels filled with these pieces, stone,findings,tags,tools, the owner believes this woman had a shop in new york city before moving, what happened after that no idea, envolopes i found for pay were dated 1952. it is the store inventory we have found. i havent found a reference in my books however in the rhinestone guide of unsigned beauties her work is shown, identical to some of the pieces you will see at auction and in my store, apparently she signed either none of her work or very little. the style even i am starting to see with these lovely pieces. i would love to hear more about this designer and her work or even the store which was on 5th avenue according to some of the jewelry cards. so if you know,,,let me know :)

i asked and you all helped is more information on this lovely jewelry! ( I'm going to tell you who Madeleine is: She owned Madeleine Jewels Company, D and E, =Juliana, made many pieces for her, she is a French designer, and was known to be in France at one time. If you find a piece signed by her, it will be signed in all CAPS, and, in a set maybe only one earring will be signed, it is very rare to find a piece actually signed by her, it is
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