Vintage Richwood Toys "Sandra Sue" 7.5" HP Doll w/ Flat Feet Red Hair 1950's

Richwood Toys "Sandra Sue" Hard Plastic Doll from the 1950's. This is a sweet, slender-bodied doll that stands 7.5" tall. This particular one has flat feet. She has a very full, curly, reddish wig, blue sleep eyes, and the orange painted eyebrows and painted lower lashes that are characteristic of this doll. She has red lip color that is still bright. The camisole that ties on looks to be original. The cotton knit white panties look newer. She is wearing a lovely ivory cotton crocheted long gown that is sashed at the waist with a spring green silk ribbon (which matches her silk hair ribbon). She is carrying a bouquet of vintage posies. Overall, this is a pretty example of a "Sandra Sue" doll from the 1950's. Her new Mama might want to style her abundant curls a little better than I have and get her a pair of shoes.

If you would like to add this "Sandra Sue" doll to your collection, please Thank you!