Vintage Road Racing Photo Album SCCA Can Am Trans Am GT

Over 90 pages of original unpublished color photographs as well as tickets to all the races shown below in an album with vintage stickers posted on front .... autographs of the world's two greatest living americans ... Dan Gurney and Jim Hall .... thanks email for questions
May 1965 - Cotati USRRC regional
Cortina Mini Cooper S MGA Spitfire Bugeye Tr3 Stingray vette lotus super 7 huffaker special BMC Cooper East Africa Safari Mercury Stroppe Comet Brabham BT8 Sunbeam Alpine
Aug 1965 - Candlestick Nationals
Porsche RS60 GT40 spyder phil hill 427 Cobra GT350 Cobra Caravan transporter Alfa Romeo GTZ Wester 904 Porsche Reinhart Genie Chevy Jim Hall autograph Chaparal 2
April 1966 Stockton National
Bourgeault F66 PBS Hmod Wester 906 Carrera Hayward Ford 289 Cobra and Daytona Coupe (painted black!) 427 Corvettes Grizzly Torque Buick Lotus Mk 22
Sept 1966 - Santa Barbara Nationals
Brabham bt18 McLaren M1a 904 Carrera Lotus Mk 19b DB D-jet Vasek Polak 911R and Elva Porsche GT40 Lotus 30 PBS coupe
Sept 1966 - Vaca Valley Nationals
Wester 906 R. Davis GT350R Nickey McLaren McLaren M1B's of C. Amon and B. McLaren Lola T-70 (two) NART Dino coupe (plus a 4x6 loose!) Burnett Mk1
1966 - Laguna Seca Monterey Grand Prix (start of the first Can Am!)
J. Hall and P. Hill in Cahaparals AAR Gurney Lola
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