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> History of the Robeson Cutlery Co.

This page was put together by sunburst with permission from “Knives Can Talk” by Tom Kalcevic. Special thanks to you for this great addition to AAPK!

This introduction into the history of Robeson Cutlery is only possible due to the hard work by Tom Kalcevic and his book “Knives Can Talk”. I am only passing along a short excerpt of information from his book and much researched hard work.

The founder of the Robeson Cutlery Co., Millard Robeson , was born April 8, 1847. It is believed he was born in Cold Creek , NY. Millard F. Robeson and his successor’s interest were spread among three locations in Rochester, New York, four in Western, and two in Central New York State. Seven of the nine locations had factories, from which they operated three different and diverse businesses over a span of more than 100 years, from 1875 to 1977. The businesses were loosely organized and at times, “free wheeling” operations. But, Robeson was willing to experiment and invent, and had an obsession for putting out the very BEST product. This attention to quality allowed Robeson to hold its own against others in fiercely competitive and economically depressed times. Robeson remained in existence long after other major companies closed down their cutlery operations.

Millard Robeson began
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