Here we have a beautiful brand new, never used gold plated 86 piece flatware set made by and marked on all but the knives Rogers Cutlery Co Stainless USA and also IS. Almost ALL of these are still brand new and factory sealed in plastic still!! I have taken a couple out for the picture so you could see how lovely they truly are!
This set includes 9 knives,
4 larger table serving type spoons,
9 teaspoons,
36 table spoons,
6 longer ice tea spoons,
9 dinner forks,
9 salad forks,
2 butter knives,
and two sugar spoons.
By my count that's 86 pieces of beautiful brand new vintage gold plated flatware for this super low starting price!
Don't forget Christmas is right around the corner and wouldn't this make a great gift for that extra special some one! While you are here please look at my other auctions for even more items like this because I will combine all shipping costs and only try to charge the actal price! Good luck and please ask all questions you might have BEFORE bidding because all sales are final. Buyer pays all actual shipping costs.

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