Vintage Rountree Gum Vendor Bright Colorful Graphics 1950's


Here are some things I noticed from a similar machine on ebay


There is an extra piece that looks like a coin shute extention that

this one doesn't have , sometimes the ball will be stuck & I tilt it out

the handle turns & it activates the slide mechanism that

dispenses the gum. I am listing this almost HALF PRICE of the similar machine

& this has way more colorful bright graphics & gum is way cooler than chocolate !

So if you are interested in the machine , assume there maybe something to tweak

to get it 100%. It's not hard as this is not some elaborate electro-mechanical

with relay's , wiring , motors , solenoids etc...These were all handmade & probably no 2 are exactly alike. So you can win this beautiful vintage machine for a measly $450 opening bid & display it proudly for a decade as I did or perhaps have someone familiar with these get you the gum & tinker with it to have a 100% machine .

The machine was actually made by Oliver Whales under the trade name of Whales of Redcar. Oliver Whales was an amusement Arcade owner that went into the manufacture of English
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