Large, Vintage Cowhide Saddlebags. From Tombstone, Az. " The town Too Tough To Die". One of my ranch finds, great old supple cowhide. The patina has aged to a nice dark saddle color...Stitching is intact and and a nice compliment to the dark brown leather. Buckles work well, all intact. Some old boy had his life necessities within these bags. Slung over his horse, he starts his day at sunrise and ends at sunset.. Possibly, hardtack or maybe a few biscuits accompanied him on his long day, he had his quirt and Remington..The saddlebags have a great old leather smell. T is a hole, in the attached leather piece, to secure to the saddle. A great remnant of the Old West and Tombstone. No cracks in the cowhide, excellent condition, its still pretty supple. No missing stitching or buckles. I used the saddlebags on my backpacking expeditions into the Dragoon Mountains ( adjacent to Tombstone, Apache country), I had my books and compass in them ( I don't really need a compass, I love the Dragoon Mountains, I don't get lost). Dimensions are the saddlebags, 12" by 10"and total ( end to end) 30", including the cross piece. Thank you. Shipping in the US will be 9.99.