Vintage Safety Razor Combo -40's Gillette Super Speed & 1929 GEM MICROMATIC Open

This listing is for 2 Vintage Safety Razors. Included in the Listing are:

1 x Late 1940's Gillette Super Speed Safety Razor

From the Badger and Blade:

The 40's Super Speed has all the a fine diamond texture on upper and lower handle, one horizontal line on upper handle, two horizontal lines on lower handle. The bottom of the guard plate is stamped with "MADE IN U.S.A." and the Gillette diamond logo.. Full civilian production resumed in 1946. In 1948 the center bar gained a notch for easier loading from a blade dispenser, and came in a brown leatherette case. 1949 came in a red plastic case. Prior to 1950 the blade bed read "PAT. NOS. ON PACKAGE", and in 1950 this transitioned to "PAT. NOS. ON PKG.". Date codes were also in transition from 1950, so examples may have a date code, or may not. Examples stamped V-3 examples are known to exist[1], but date codes became more widespread in 1951 (W) and later.

1 x circa 1929 GEM MICROMATIC Open Combed Razor.

The GEM Micromatic is a single edge blade razor. The bottom is marked MADE IN U.S.A. PAT. NOS. 174. The last Patent Number is from 1930. It is 1 piece with a 3 ¼ inch long handle. It has an opened comb. It is opened by turning the bottom of the handle. It was cleaned, sterilized with bleach and polished. It is used with wear in good condition.
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