Vintage Sansui 2000X Stereo Tuner Amplifier

I purchased this receiver brand new when I was in college, about 1973. It has provided great sound from turntables, cassette tape players, TVs and CDs. Of course, it still has great reception for AM and FM. For Christmas I received a surround sound system for the HD TV and so I have retired the 2000X. There are a few minor scratches/knicks. The most noticable nick is on the bottom edge of the front, between the Balance knob and the Loudness button- see picture. For most of its 38 years it was been kept inside various stereo or TV cabinets, out of harms way. The backlights work, inlcuding the red "STEREO" light that glows when it is connected to an FM stereo station. (I forgot to show that in a pic, but it works) The very left edge of the tuning bar is not well lit. Bottom line is this stereo is in very good condition and can still crank out fantastic sound and the bass is spectacular.

The Sansui 2000X is an AM/FM multiplex stereo receiver. It is housed in a walnut cabinet enclosure. The front of the unit features bass, treble, volume, balance, selector and speaker assignment knobs. Additional options accessible via the front panel include low and high filter switches, loudness, monitor and tape selector buttons. It also features an AM/FM dial and display. Sansui's 2000X features FM stereo noise cancellation, two FM inputs
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