Vintage Santa Fe Golden Glow Locomotive Headlight

You are bidding on a vintage steam locomotive headlight made by the Golden Glow Company probably some time between 1920 and 1940. This style of headlight was used by railroads on top of the locomotive boiler as a headlight, and on top of the locomotive tender (facing rearward) as a backup light. I purchased the light in 1977 from an antique dealer in Taos, New Mexico, who told me it was from a Santa Fe locomotive. The only other major railroad in that area was the Rio Grande, which, during the final years of steam, primarily used another style of headlight. However, the Golden Glow headlights were used by the Santa Fe during that time, so this one quite probably is from the Santa Fe. The hinged headlight lense frame is 16 inches in diameter, and the light still has its original Golden Glow glass parabolic reflector mirror. Mirroring has some age freckles on the bottom center (see photo) but no chips or cracks. The metal can is solid with no rust holes or major dents although it does show some minor dents on the top which can be seen in the photo. The headlight contains its original wiring and hardware. The cast iron access hatch has a broken right hinge prong, but it opens and secures fine. As you can see from the photos, the light still works. I have pre-packaged the light and taken it to FedEx to have shipping calculated. The total ... read more