Vintage Santa's Village Theme Park Souvenir Plate

A fairyland setting located in eastern Illinois was home to Santa's Village theme park. The charming amusement park opened its doors in the late 1950's and provided children and adults alike with a magical experience. This plate showcases some of Santa's Village highlights, through detailed scenes found at the park. Included are: Santa's House, the Christmas Tree Ride, the Snow Ball Ride, the Toboggan roller coaster and Cinderella's Pumpkin Coach.

Measuring 10 1/8" in diameter, the ironstone plate features intricate vignettes and a repeated floral pattern glazed in a dark marine blue. The images are crisp and clear, and the plate's finish remains shiny and bright. The back of the plate contains a short blurb about Santa's Village and manufacturing information - see close-up. Free of cracks, chips or crazing, this vintage souvenir plate is in pristine condition.

Whether you have a passion for vintage Christmas items, or are a collector of theme park memorabilia, this Santa's Village plate is quite a charming memento from days gone by.

The cost to ship this 3-pound package, via Parcel Post Mail, should be in the $4.90 to $6.66 range depending upon zip code is 97015. Try eBay's "calculate shipping" feature on the listing page to estimate your cost. The post office offers insurance at an additional cost

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