Vintage Sargent Bronze Entry Door Set Knob Plate Lock

Penn Antique Restoration Vintage Sargent Bronze Entry Door Set Knob Plate Lock

Strong, vintage, exterior door set made by "Sargent & Co." of New Haven, CT during the 20's or 30's. The set consists of 2 bronze knobs, 2 bronze escutcheons, 1 steel mortise lock with bronze faceplate, 1 brass strike plate for the door jamb, 1 spindle with 2 setscrews for the knobs, and 12 bronze screws for the rest of the parts . All bronze/brass parts are solid, heavy, thick, cast bronze/brass, not stamped or plated iron.

Although 2 of the photos show a mortise cylinder, it was only included to show you how the set would look once install. No mortise cylinder is included. We have many mortise cylinders with keys, but all have a silver face. If you don't mind, we'll sell 1 cylinder mortise with 1 key for $15 --email us after the auction if you are interested.

The parts were salvaged from Southwestern IL. At the point of salvage, the knobs were dirty and unevenly tarnished, and the rest of the parts were painted pink. Since then, we've removed the paint, and cleaned and polished all parts to a brilliant shine.

All parts are in excellent condition with no breaks, cracks, chips, dents, or deep scratches. The locks were opened inspected and greased to operate more smoothly.

Commercial grade hardware is usually heavy-duty
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