Vintage Scandia House/Dam Troll

Look at this Sexy Scandia Bathing Beauty!! You know, as much as I love Dam Trolls, I think I love Dam Troll trivia even more. I am 99.9% sure this is a Scandia House Dam, it's pretty much impossible to say I'm sure because she is unmarked, as are all Scandia House Dams this size, but she does have those brilliant green Scandia House eyes!!!!!! Scandia House almost alway used brilliant green or blue eyes in their trolls, Japan made Dams almost always have pink or purple eyes, and Denmark, England, and Florida pretty much stuck to amber. She is all original, except for her hair. Her original blonde hair just wasn't flattering to her any more, so I replaced it. The bathing suit is all original, but I did have to replace the heart, but I did use the old heart as a pattern, so its pretty much identical. She is 2 and 3/4 inches tall from toes to eyebrow, and she is blemish and odor free.

I do so love the original DAM's and I am so happy to be able to being this wonderful troll to you!!

I have been collecting trolls since I first dug one out of a box of toys my dad bought at an auction when I was five years old, and it has been a true love affair since 1966. I clean them lovingly and tenderly so I can give you this troll as perfect as it can be!!

Many of the trolls I receive need attention. When I do clean them,
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