vintage scarf vivienne westwood huge white horse

this is one of a collection of vintage scarves that i am listing, it has a vivienne westwood label 9the reverse of the label is gold) it is very large 3ft 11" square might be 4ft stretched, it dosnt have the quality of the pure silk scarves i have listed but the design is obviously its charm.

a lot of the scarves i have listed are vintage but unused this has a light perfume odour so i think it is used, i have not washed or ironed any of these items as im after a quick sale

someone asked if its authentic i dont know but all the others in the collection i bought were, i will refund if you believe its not the real deal.

im getting paraniod now, the tag looks 100% genuine to me, it is tagged on with the same material as the scarf, not stiched directly to the scarf, i dont know how westwoog attatched the labels to her vintage scarfs