Vintage Schrade-Walden fixed blade knife model H-15

You are bidding on a vintage Schrade-Walden fixed-blade knife, model H-15. This knife was manufactured sometime between the years 1946 and 1958, likely making it 50+ years old.

Schrade Cutlery was founded in 1904. In 1946 Schrade Cutlery was purchased by Albert M. Baer, who then renamed the company "Schrade-Walden Cutlery Corporation" which became a division of the Imperial Knife Associated Companies group. In 1958 the Schrade-Walden cutlery division was moved from Walden , New York to Ellenville , New York , establishing the Schrade USA brand. Now, unfortunately, all Schrade production has been move over seas. These vintage, United States manufactured, Schrade knives are becoming increasingly rare.

This knife, model H-15, was designed for and marketed to the increasing group of post World War II outdoor enthusiast interested in Hunting, Camping and Fishing. It is light to carry weighing exactly 5 ounces (with the sheath its total weight is exactly 7 ounces). The knife measures 9 ¾" from blade tip to butt, with the blade measuring 5 1/8" from guard to tip. Light on the belt and easy to handle, the size and weight of the knife made it ideal for field dressing game, cleaning fish, or cutting a campfire steak at meal time.

The knife is constructed of durable and light-weight carbon steel, with an aluminum
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