Vintage Schwinn Huffy Old Bicycle w/ Pwr Ast/Spr Fork

This is a wonderful piece of Americana that serves as a great reminder that we should get out more often, even if it is with a little bit of help. This ancient piece of industrial age, part exercise, part touring, part image creator bike features a very tiny motor, springed front end, and big darned rusted wheels and flat tires. NOTE: T are not any electronics on this machine.

I believe that at one time this was owned by someone unencumbered by what others thought about them, happy to let their hair flow in the breeze, happy to only care that the flowers were blooming, the dogs were barking, and that Roosevelt would bring our boys home safe. They also delivered milk to your door back then.

When I look at this, I think, Darned, how come we need cars? Who needs a Harley, Charley? Who needs a Toyota, yoda? With some work, (well hours and hours), this little road rocket to the moon will get you down to your local coffee hangout, w you can be the envy of your friends. Me, I'd fix it but my wife is already complaining about some attention deficit thing.

are the specifics: T is not a brand on the front. It was taken off by someone wishing to do their own "branding". I have no idea as to whether the engine runs. Do you have a sense of adventure? I got the bike as a joke from a friend! Bid really high due to my creative
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