Vintage Schwinn Stingray fastback bicycle 5 speed

What about his one. This is a very flashy lightly used well cared for, clean Stingray fastback 5 speed serial number HK620351 with a newer orange crate seat, handlebars, grips and crate struts for the rear and yours too , that has been properly lubed and is ready to ride. Those hard seat pans were made for kids that actually played outdoors, remember that? All other parts appear to be original but the tires. This will come with the original seat as pictured along with the handlebers with grips ( these were the only rough items on the bike when I got it years ago so I located new Schwinn approved ones at Montgomery Cyclery in Motgomery , Ohio when they sold Schwinns along with the seat struts that make this a much better ride for a 6'2" guy and looks great too) The chrome is very good and all systems function as they should. I have posted a lot of pics to help answer any questions you may have. This one was made after Ralph Nader saved us from the dangers of stick shifts ( ouch ) and handlebars that your buddy could sit on. I remember riding bikes like this with 2 on the seat and one on the bars, crazy huh? Most boys were pretty hard on t bikes as it was our only means of transportation, mom wouldnt drive us everyw we wanted to go, most families had just one car back then. So its nice to see one in this good condition. T will be some ... read more