Vintage Sears Roebuck Christmas Santa's Workshop w/ Box

This is so cute. It's a Sears, Roebuck and Co. plastic Santa's Workshop Set in the original box. I'm guessing from the 60's. The box and the pieces (on the bottom) say "Made in Hong Kong" and "Fowind" on the workshop base. It all comes neatly packed in the original box. I took a picture of the label on the end of the box which lists the 10 components: 1 rooftop, 1 foldable wall with printed wall paper, 1 floor base, 1 working table, 1 figure with ladder, 1 figure with "present list", 1 SANTA CLAUS, 1 Grandma on rocking chair ( which looks a lot like Mrs. Santa Claus if you ask me) , 1 figure with paint brush, 1 figure with ball in hand. The reindeer in the photos is apparently an extra piece that found a home. The whole thing is in great shape - nothing broken, cracked or chipped. You put down the floor, unfold the 3 walls, set the roof on and move the gang in. The walls of the workshop are 3 pieces of plastic held together by the printed wall paper (the paper forms the hinge). T exterior of the walls have some scotch tape residue which has been t for 50 years - I'm afraid to mess with it as it's a little on the dried-on side. I tried to show the tape residue in the last photo but it was difficult - I think that piece was originally taped together from the factory and the residue was never removed. As for the size, the base is

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