Vintage Seiko D410-4010 Sign Table LCD Digital Watch

A Seiko D410-4010 digital watch from about 1986 in the black & Gold finish. The D410 has the ability to store short memos and display them on command or at specified times- this is what the aplhabet at the bottom of the screen is for. Apart from this the watch tells time & date, has an alarm and a stopwatch. It also allows you to later the display contrast for best legibility of the dot matrix display.

The watch is in well used condition, but the crystal is in good condition with just a few light marks none of which interfere with the very tiny letters in the sign table. The blacking is pretty good all over but has wear to the edges in places and some scratches- the clasp has some deepish scratches- see photo. All the functions work correctly, the alarm sounds and all the buttons work smoothly. Bracelet is original and will fit up to an 8" wrist. Serial number is 610116 which in January 1986 manufacture. No box or instructions.