Vintage Set WARWICK Nude Portrait Vases

Possibly the RAREST Warwick portrait vase and I am offering a set of two.. The style incised on its bases is Verona and they stand a tall 11.75 inches. These stunning nude portraits come with a story all t own. Dubbed "Ladies of the evening" ; these ladies appear on other Warwick nude and semi nude vases. Both vases are artist signed. The vase on the left is signed CARRENO and the vase on the right is signed KENHEISA. The lady on the vase to the left is carrying a Lily vase in her right arm and holding an un-named shape (featured on page 61 in John Rader Sr., Warwick China book. I have had these vases in my collection for over 15 years hoping to have them professionally repaired one day. I will leave that to the buyer. Now, each vase in detail. The vase on the left has an obvious chip on the bottom front as shown up close in one of the photos. T are many paint flakes on front and back . The gold on the rim is not worn. T are no other chips, hairlines, cracks or noted repairs. . Now for the vase on the right. The obvious is that one handle loop is missing but could be restored. T are no chips or noted repairs; but t is a tight hairline on the inside only about 2 inches long. The gold on the rim is not worn and t are a few paint flecks. Both are incised Verona on the bases and both have the Warwick helmet mark along with the red decor ... read more