Vintage Sig Kadet Mark II Radio Control Airplane

Sig Kadet Mark II Radio Control Airplane

This is an older model that hasn't been flown in some years. It is my grandfathers and he built it himself. It is a very good flyer and has everything needed to get it in the air again. He says the engine needs to be cleaned and loosened up from the gas in their and possibly a replacement fuel tank, but it mostly likely is fine. This is a large lot that includes:

Sig Kadet Mark II Radio Control Airplane-- Aileron Control with 4 channel

Two Engines (one in the plane, and one extra)

5 Extra Props

Custom Sealing Iron (Price was $35.99 when purchased)

2 Airtronic Radio Remote Controllers with separate chargers (both controls need batteries)

Supply Case including volt meter, high torque starter, and power panel.

Kadet Mark II Building and Instruction Manual, 2 Airtronic Manuals, The Basics of Radio Control Manual, and Complete directions on assembling this aircraft (although it comes assembled)

57.25" wing span

+ Extras (tires, parts, etc)

Local Pick Up only

This plane is not far from running condition, a little work and this classic is ready to go. Sold as is.

Please ask any questions you have and thanks for looking!