Vintage Signed "Adel Rootstein Lady Mannequin Reclined

Vintage signed "Adel Rootstein ~ Made in England" lady mannequin. When we purchased her several years ago in an antique shop, we were told she was from the 1960's.

We displayed her on top of our baby grand piano, which startled guest's most of the time. LOL!

My apologies for the lousy pictures. My camera just doesn't cut it on distance shots.

She's in a reclined position, propped up on her elbows. Measures 64" from her shoulder's to her toes ~ 25" from the tip of her elbow's to the top of her head. Jointed at the shoulder's, wrists, waist and 1 leg, the other leg is stationary.

Her sparkling evening dress is by I.R.E. and is included. Which by the way, is new without tags. The wig goes with her too but she definitely could use a new one.

Jewelry is not included.

You just don't find more life like mannequin's than Adel Rootstein's mannequin's. They're getting harder and harder to find so 's your chance to own one.

Adel Rootstein & Co. started during the early 1960s, when Britain was beginning to influence the world of fashion. Mary Quant and Jean Muir were the symbols of the new movement. The personality cult was in full swing.

But t was a major drawback in the London fashion scene - mannequins. The ones displayed in store windows were stilted, stylized, rigid and

Extensive experience in window design had given Adel Rootstein an awareness of the void that existed between the catwalk and the store windows.

Adel wanted to fill that gap. With the Adel Rootstein Company, she was able to create a whole new generation of display mannequins, and finally bring the fashion catwalk to store windows.

From the 1960s through the 1990s, Twiggy, Sandie Shaw, Joanna Lumley, Janet Suzman, Joan Collins, Lord Patrick Lichfield, Marie Helvin, Dianne Brill, Yasmin Le Bon, Susanne Barscht, Ute Lemper, Karen Mulder and Jodie Kidd were as much as part as the international fashion scene and the store window displays, thanks to Adel Rootstein.

In short, Adel turned fantasy into a living legend.

A Rootstein mannequin starts life as a sculpture based on the chose model, a process taking several weeks to complete. The result is a figure which expresses the mood of fashion embodied in the qualities for which the model has been selected.

From this form, a plaster cast is made which is then used to produce the final mould. 80% of the perfect fiberglass mannequins to emerge from this mould are exported all over the world.

For the first decade of the 21st century, Adel Rootstein & Co., under the helm of Kevin Arpino, its Creative Director chose Erin Connor and Anne Vyalitsyna as "fashion's ideal beauty."

The "Erin & Anne Collection" embodies dramatic, casual sophistication and gamine elegance for the "Erin" mannequins, and the "Anne" mannequins embody youtful style and freshness.

Fashion which was once dictated by individuals, whether personalities or designers is now equally determined by economic and social climate, either as a statement of it or a fantasy flight from it.

Adel Rootstein mannequins continue to capture, reflect and transmit the evolving fashion shapes by epitomizing "the moment" as each mannequin is created.

Shipping within the U.S. will be $85.00 via UPS ground.

International shipping will be determined at the end of the auction.

Be sure and ask any question's you may have, prior to bidding.

Thank You

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